About Roman Leal Construction & Design

At Roman Leal Construction & Design, we discovered a secret. And that is no matter what Industry you are in, If you find a problem in that market. That is a new business waiting to happen. There are hundreds of companies in our field. But not many that make “People” the product. We are in the “People” business. Not the Construction and Design business. The outcome of course is a Great and Beautiful structure that we can all be proud of. But it took getting to know “You”. And what “You” as the client really needed. It’s about going deep to sort out and discover an intimate knowledge of your needs that goes beyond the normal contractor/client relationship. That is the problem we made our mission to solve. And it has made us the Corporation we are today.


The Analyst’s, the Prognosticators, the Professional pundits  who are seeing 2023 as a gloomy year,  we happily disagree. There is a market for  RLC&D and what we stand for. Regardless of what the economy is doing. Because there will always be clients who want to feel  thier needs are being met and a Builder who really cares. We see 2023 as being an incredible year. Maybe the best year ever. Come join us on our journey. And let’s make this a great year together.

Roman Leal- President/CEO

Roman Leal Construction & Design




Really enjoyed working with Roman and his crew. Such a great group of guys, and really put everything into their work. They are top quality, and precision when it comes to what they do. 

Krissy K. Austin, TX